Mod: EP096GM-6

  • "Data Concentrator" it's a receiving and sending hardware controller.
  • Easy to install and use, operating fully automatic 
  • Dedicated and reliable hardware, features a shooting range equipment management software
  • It's the heart of MultiPull system
  • It has three possible configuration up to 6, 8 or 12 ranges
  • Capable of sending information to result and classification monitors

Mod: MULTI-PULL Managment Software

  • Software to manage all kind of shotgun shooting competition
  • Frequently Internet updated with just one click
  • Sending competition results live shot-by-shot to your personal web page on the Multi-Pull site.
  • Capable to handle any kind of competition, from official olympic disciplines to Compak sporting (offical software), sporting, universal trap and drawingless competitions with ease, flexibility and intuitive way.
  • Various type of licence, limited time, demo version and life-time.




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