Mod: EP095M2015

  • This control unit is the one used in the Olimpic games of Beijing 2008 and London 2012 and selected for Rio 2016.
  • More than 60 Disciplines with 10 Compak and 3 Skeet customizable disciplines.
  • 15 trap machine output of every major brands perfectly suitable for Trap, Skeet, D-Trap officially approved from FITASC.
  • Updated to the last ISSF regulations.
  • ChipCard reader is included .
  • Strong construction with metal chassis.

Mod: EP095M-Mini

  • Economic version of the M control unit.
  • Perfect for small ranges that uses disciplines with a maximum of 8 trap machines like Compak, D-Trap, Skeet, DTL, Universal Trap, American Trap etc...
  • Powered at 110 - 220 volts or directly at 12 volts (battery or inverter).
  • Strong construction with metal chassis.
  • Chipcard reader is included.
  • Easy installation.

Mod: EP095CM

  • Portable control unit powered by internal battery, perfect for Compak or Sporting ranges.
  • 8 wireless transmission channels to operate trap machines of all brands through the EP095CR-1 or EP095CR-8.
  • ChipCard reader included.
  • It can be used as a portable ChipCard programmer.

Mod: EP095CA

  • Control unit designed for isolated Compak or Sporting courses.
  • It is a single microphone stand with microphone, booking push botton and chip card reader.
  • Wireless system until 8 trap machines operating through the EP095CR-1 or EP095CR-8.
  • Possibility to choose different course difficulties.




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