The EP096AT is an Iron galvanized three footed stand for microphone. The high quality manufacture process makes it perfect to withstand all kind of enviroments. It has been sold and used all around the wolrd without any problem.

The three feets have fixing holes to give the option of fixing it to the ground.

The EP096AT can be customizable with several optionals like:

The stand it self is adjustable in height, iron galvanized iron of strong construction
Stand 12v lamp driven directly by the control unit to highlight witch microphone is active on the range
No Target push button. Useful for ranges that have to work in complete autonomy. If the released target is broken with the button the shooter can repeat the target. 
IP65 water proof connectors. Industrial metal connectors for sure connections to avoid moisture failures. It's made to not degrade under very hot or cold enviroments.
Strong metal turret to host the fixed waterproof plug. To be fixed in the concrete and help to ease the operation of plugging and unplugging the microphones.


With this wide selection of optionals the EP096AT can be configured for any of your ranges needs. 

This microphone stand has been used all the last three Olympic Games, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and Londo 2012 and all the last ISSF Wolrd Cup, Finals and Championships

Technical Specifications:

Adjustable height

Operating temperature (Celsius)

67 up to 90 cm

-15° C  ÷  +65° C

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