The EP096AG3 is the chip card programmer. Connected to a Desktop Computer or Laptop through a RS232 serial port. It allows to generate chip cards, recharge the credit on it or modify any information stored in it.

It comes with a Rs232  2 meter cable, Ac power adaptor and Chip Card management software.

Chip Card software allows to create, modify, recharge and control the chip card. You have the choice to set and customize up to 10 different prices, equivalent of membership levels like, guest, member, veteran, associate, national team etc. Once the price is set, when you create a chip card you can associate the membership level to the owner of the card and make pay different prices. 

With the software it's possible to make the special chip cards like the master card that it's required to set the control unit on chipcard mode and to upload the price list on the control unit and the password of the range. Another special card is the report card, with this card is possible to download all the round and who shot them during the days and then store them on the software database. 

The Database of the Software will allow to have a great overview over the incomes and the fired rounds in a easy, quick and intuitive way.

The chip cards are not included to be bought separately

Technical Specifications:


Operating Voltage (Volts)

Operating temperature (Celsius)


15 x 8 x 6 cm

100-220 volts AC / 600 mhA

-10° C  ÷  +45° C


Downloadable Content:





















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