The EP096AG2 is an electronic "coin box" working with personal chip cards. It's designed for automated shooting ranges allowing the shooter to book one or more rounds without having the need of an operator.

Chip cards are unique and assigned with a name, they have a memory to store the amount of credit, name of the owner, membership level and are assigned by password to the shooting club to prevent the use in other shooting ranges.

The EP096AG2 needs to be connected directly to the control unit EP095 through a 3 meter cable on a dedicated "coin box" (15pin) port and by setting the control unit in "coin box" mode.

It comes with 6 signal LEDs (red) to show the number of shooters that are currently enabled to shoot, one signal LED (green) to indicate that it's operating and a two row lcd display for the operating informations. On the front panel there a yellow pushbutton to enable the round booking.
Operation with chip cards can be programmed on the control unit to allow a maximum number of total repeats in a round or a fixed number for every microphone. 
The chip cards are not included to be bought separately
Technical Specifications:


Operating Voltage (Volts)

Operating temperature (Celsius)


15 x 8 x 6 cm

5 DC/volts

-10° C  ÷  +45° C


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