The EP096GM it's the very heart of the Multi-Pull system. It's also called "Data Concentrator" and as the name tells it gathers and sends everything necessary to hold a successful automated competition.
With this equipment the shooting range has the possibility of having real time shot-by-shot scoring and generate classifications to be shown on classification monitor such as EP096M-CLASS-PC or real time scoring monitors like EP096M-RESULT-PC. 
The EP096GM can recieve and send data for up to 6 ranges in the standard layout. In case needed it's possible to make a custom "data concentrator" up to 12 ranges.

Every EP096GM has an internal battery that will prevent any loss of information in case a power black out occurs. By always reading the main power status it will immediately save and store all the gathered informations when the power goes down. 

Provided with the "data concentrator" there is the software named Multi-Pull. 
This program will allow you to drive all the hardware connected to the EP096GM unit. It shows on screen all the range's situtation all at once and in real time. You can drive directly scoreboards and monitors to send messages or reset them, send names of the squad and operate directly the "data concentrator" with usefull and simple user friendly commands. 
You have the ability to make changes to the squads with the names, bib and nationality of shooters.
The report section allows to have a great overview of all sort of statistics of the trap machines. Number of thrown targets, performance by shooter, round and many more.

Technical Specifications:


Input/Output Interface
Pc connection by
Operating Voltage (Volts)
Power Consumption

Number Of Ranges

Operating temperature (Celsius)
Lightning Protection


29 x 27,5 x 12 cm

110 VAC ÷ 240 VAC / 47 Hz ÷ 63 Hz

6 up to 12 (custom version)

-5° C  ÷  +45° C
varistors, transil, gas discharge


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