The EP096M-RESULT-PC it's a video interface to show results from more ranges simultaneusly in one screen.

It is feeded by the "data concentrator" EP096GM by the RS485 input port to recieve shots hit & misses, names, bib numbers, nationality and qualification scores of the shooters in real time of all the ranges up to 6.


It can be attached to an LCD screen like a pc monitor or television.
In the software it has the possibility of putting sponsors or national federation logos and shooting range logo on the top right corner and can handle a slide shows.

The standard video output is a 1024x768 pixel VGA, if required is possible to have an HDMI output port.

Technical Specifications:


Operating Voltage (Volts)
Power Consumption

Video Output
Screen resolution

Operating temperature (Celsius)


28 x 28 x 6 cm

220 AC/volts


-5° C  ÷  +45° C


Downloadable Content:







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