The EP095CM control unit is a hand-held device, running with batteries and allows a shooting range to be run, in a fully automatic way, with all sporting disciplines.
There are two version available, without the wifi module (can be bought in a second moment) or with the wi-fi option. 

It is a multipurpose unit that can operate in several different modes:
  • Hand-held on-field chipcard recharger
  • WiFi release of targets in singles or doubles, operating both with chip-card mode or free mode.
  • WiFi release of targets in: Round mode, with 25 single targets, operating both with chip-card mode or free mode.
  • WiFi adjustment of trap machines with horizontal and vertical movements and continuous or by pulse commands

The unit in constructed in a plastic casing to make it light weighted, it has a 2 line by 16 charater LCD display, with a very high constrast brightness so to make it very readable also under direct sunlight.
The chip-card slot is located on the bottom side of the unit and on the back side, the power compartment, can host the 4x AA batteries necessary to make the unit work and with our battery ( rechargeable NiMh 3000mha ) and recharger package it capable to throw up to 25000 targets.


Available Optionals:

EP-TX (Wi-Fi)

This is an expantion module (necessary only for the non-wifi version of the control unit) and allows to transmit the release signal to distant trap machines (over 150mt depending on the enviroment) and save over cabling expences.

EP095CR 1/2/8

The EP095CR  is the receiver box. It is waterproof and with 3 different configurations, it can drive 1, 2 or 8 sporting machines. It will be directly powered by the machine's 12 volts using a connector on the side.


Technical Specification:





Operative Temperature (Celsius)

Wi-Fi frequencies

195 x 100 x 50 mm


N° 4 batteries type "AA" 1,2v 3000Mha
@ power level 1: 27.000 clays
@ power level 5: 25.000 clays

0° C  ÷  +45° C.

865MHz up to 867MHz  max output27dBm

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