The EP095Mini is a complete and realiable control unit for clay shooting ranges. It has been designed for sporting and compak, capable of releasing up to 8 trap machines so it is suitable also for skeet, double-trap, american trap, universal trench e all those disciplines that need a max of 8 machines. It has 8 indipendent microphones and can drive 8 microphone lamps.

The strong metallic chassis assures a good protection to the internal electronics. Inside the "voice circuit" analizes all the sounds coming from the microphones and filters any disturbing noises so that only a human voice can trigger the release of the trap machines.

With the control unit an eternal speaker will be included, connected directly to the control unit by a male "jack" of 3,5mm for amplify the sounds generated by the unit like the "zero" acustic signal.

A wide display screen placed on the front panel, makes the use of the control unit easy and intuitive and the modular knobs helps to prevent any possibility of error.

The EP095Mini it's programmed with various disciplines, there are: trap machine diagnosis courses, specific training programs, programmable trainings, 10 customizable sporting courses to be used both with sporting and compak rotation as well,3 customizable skeet courses, all the official FITASC programs and the Olympic disciplines with their own finals and shoot-offs. 


Available disciplines:


The EP095Mini does not have and prefixed release schemes for American Trap nor Double Trap, they are completely randomized as the ISSF rules requires, the same occurs for the skeet random release delay. Inside the control unit is constantly checking the round, all the microphones, the shooter and it has a complex traget counting system. It has also an automatic saving system in case the main power goes off. So if it happens, the unit saves and restores the round and sequence right back as soon as the power comes back.






Chip Card:

The great customizability of the EP095Mini makes it a good choice from the big international ranges to the small private ones. With the inner chip card reader the shooter can booking one or more rounds in complete autonomy making the management of the range easier. 

Typical Performances:
Release delay from microphone call: 0.020 sec.
Trap machine outputs: 8
Delay from call to call: regulable from 1 to 5 seconds
N. Microphone lamps: 8
Type of trap machine: both pneumatic and mechanical of any brand


Available Optionals:

L'EP095Mini it's easy to expand in time with accessories easy to install and ready to go.

Referee Box

The "Judge Box" it's a must have optional. Through a cable (5mt), it's connected to the control unit and it presents the most used commands on his front panel. With this box you can connect the wired judge remote (30mt) and the referee can assign zeros and repeat the target like the big red "no-target" button on the box.
The box have a loudspeaker that generates the zero warning with different tones to inform the spectators about the shooter's misses.

The front lcd display shows the precise position of the on going round with 3 numbers that are "stand", "turn" and "shooter". 

EP-TX (Wi-Fi)

This is an expantion module (necessary only for the non-wifi version of the control unit) and allows to transmit the release signal to distant trap machines (over 150mt depending on the enviroment) and save over cabling expences.


The PULL-T has 20 meter cable, 8 membrane buttons allowing to throw up to 8 trap machines manually. It has been designed for manual release in sporting and compak disciplines and it's suitable also for double-trap and skeet training.

It is connected in the same socket of the referee box. 

Technical Specification:

Signal Output Interface
Trap Machine Output

Input Voltages (Volts)
Power Consumption (Watts)

Operative Temperature (Celsius)
Lightning protection

Wi-Fi frequencies

370 x 270 x 135 mm
n° 8 / 12Vdc 2 Amp. Max.

110 Vac ÷ 240 Vac  / 47 ÷ 63 Hz
40 W

-10° C  ÷  +45° C
Varistors, Transil, Gas Discharge

868 MHz    max output 27dBm

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