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Dokki Shooting Club

The settlement was established in 1979 by the 504th presidential decree of Egyptian president Anwar El Sadat. It is 17 km from the great pyramids of Giza and 32 km from downtown Cairo. The city has a total area of 119.2 thousand acres and, eventually, is expected to have 6 million inhabitants, although there are many unoccupied or incomplete buildings

The city's name commemorates the commencement of the October War on 6 October 1973, the same date chosen as Egypt's Armed Forces Day

EG MAADI CLUB 2023 20/05/2023
EG GOLDEN CUP 2023 03/03/2023
GOMHERIYA 2018 13/04/2018
DOKKI CUP TRAP 17/02/2018
SHAMS CUP TRAP 20/01/2018

Shooting Club
3rd touristic zone, 6th of October